iRacing Understanding Wedge

This post will grow as I finTony Stewartd more useful bits of information.

Here is a good link on corner weights Grass Roots Racing

One of the most asked questions when it comes to oval cars is what is wedge and how do i use it?

What exactly does wedge do?

Wedge (RR Spring Perch Offset) works to loosen or tighten the vehicle.

Go up > if you want to be tighter (mainly on entry and through the middle)

Go down < if you want to be looser (mainly on entry and though the middle)

Going up on the RR Perch lowers the ride heights of all 4 corners but its more dramatic on the RR.

Going down on the RR Perch does the exact opposite of directly above.

The quick and dirty way to remember this in the car is the same as bolts.

“Lefty loosey, Righty Tighty” ┬áie using the left arrow to decrease the number makes the car looser, right arrow to increase the number and tighten it up.