iRacing Rants

Now there’s usually a fair bit of ranting on the iRacing Forums as it is. However it reaches fever pitch every 13 weeks when it comes time for the new build to be released.

I come from both a software development and Project Management background so have a little insight into what goes on. I also love physics and have worked on creating race car physics models based on the excellent book Race Car Vehicle Dynamics by William and Doug Milliken. If you want to learn the physics calculations at an engineering level for how a car works, I highly recommend it.

If you are after a broader look at the Physics of Racing, check out the page PHOR, while written by a Physics professor it’s written for the club racer and is very approachable.

Anyhoo, while I know a bit about Physics, Software Development and Project Management, I don’t presume to know how iRacing runs their shop. What I do know is how passionate the guys are who develop iRacing. What that means is they work above and beyond, because they want to see the improvements and the envelope pushed, likely more so that the subscribers to the service.

While it would be great to see more discussion around the physics and limitation the iRacing folks are working with, there are definite improvements with each build. While it’s also true that there are many issues still remaining and a lot of things to be worked on. People need to realize that only so much can be done with a 12 week turn around, that has to include extensive testing.

The business facts remain that iRacing has a lot of intellectual property tied up in the service and it’s not likely that Dave Kaemmer is ever going to come out and explain exactly what is being done in the physics departments. ie What is still look up tables vs modelling. How much is modelled and what plans there are to refine the models in the road map.

I’d love to know all the nitty gritty details of how the models and calculation work but I trust in the knowledge that the guys are just as passionate about racing and iRacing as I am.

Comments are open, rant away.



iRacing World Championship Promo

Saw a link to this on the forum today and it’s well worth sharing.

While the commentary has been added from Nascar on Fox. The video is all iRacing from some of the best in the business.

The World Championship races are being broadcast online with commentary and you can get details from