iRacing Video Howto

Ciak, si gira!
Excellent kick start by Doug Gegenheimer, a fellow Mid-South club member.

I thought I’d give it a go to record some of my replays and upload them to Youtube, but didn’t know where to start. I found this on the forum and think it will get me up and running pretty fast.

I capture in FRAPs 1280×720 (full res), 30FPS (this requires you to change the ingame display resolution to 1280×720). To eliminate the choppiness, make sure your replay never drops below 30fps.

I edit the clips in Premiere, and export out uncompressed avi.

I then use VirtualDub to convert and resize the final file.

Things you’ll need:
Virtual Dub:
Xvid Codec:
Lame MP3 Codec:
VLC Media player (optional):

Install all 3.

To convert your video, open VirtualDub. Once open,

– Select File/ Open Video File, to open the file you want to convert
– Select Video/ Compression to open the list of video codecs you can use to compress the video
– In the list on the left, select Xvid MPEG-4 Codec, then click the Configure button
– For Xvid Configuration settings, I use:
Profile @ Level: (unrestricted)
Encoding type: Single Pass
Target Bitrate (kbps): 6000 (5000 min for Youtube “Watch in HD” button)
Everything else I leave alone
– Click Ok twice to return to main VirtualDub window

– Select Audio/ Full Processing mode

– Select Audio/ Compression
– In the list on the left, select Lame MP3,
– on the right, select 48000Hz, 160kbps CBR, Stereo 20KB/s
– Click Ok

-Click File/ Save as AVI to export the video.

If you are using 5.1 or other surround sound modes, you might get an error when encoding starts. I resorted to running the game in Stereo mode so that the fraps capture is Stereo and not surround.

Depending on your system, Windows Media Player can start to choke on the 720p file. I recommend VLC instead, it plays the videos much smoother.

Also, you don’t need to worry about the editing and saving as uncompressed avi in Premiere. Just FRAPs, and convert in VD. You can also use VD to join multiple captures.