iRacing Hosted Race Admin Controls

Found on the iRacing forums recently. Thanks to David Correia for putting this together and for allowing me to share it with everyone. There is a download-able version at the bottom of the page.

Administrative Chat Commands
– Some commands may be shortened, the bolded part of the commands are the shortest form acceptable.
– <> means a required parameter.
– [] means an optional parameter.
– is the name or number of a driver, same as described above.
– [message] is an optional message to be appended to any admin command.
eg: the command ‘!remove #32 Banning for reckless driving.’ would send out the notification:
‘#32 was removed from the system. Banning for reckless driving.’ to all drivers.

Command Action
!help or !? Print list of commands available, or list additional information about individual commands.
!admin [message] Give other drivers admin privileges
!nadmin [message] Remove admin privileges from driver.
!remove [message] Permanently remove a driver from the race, can remove spectators as well
!yellow [message] Throw a yellow if not already active, issue during 1 to go, to extend the caution
!waveby [message] Move car up to next lap and send to the end of the pace line
!advance [message] Advance to next session (qualify to grid, etc).
!chat [driver] Enable chat for all drivers, If driver is specified, re-enable chat for that driver.
!nchat [driver] Disable voice/text chat for all drivers except administrators, If driver is specified, disable chat for that specific driver only
!spchat [message] Allow spectators to chat with drivers.
!nspchat [message] Disable spectator to driver chat.
!black [time] or [L(laps)] Give a driver the black flag, Default is a stop and go, optionally specify time or laps to hold.
!dq  [message] Disqualify a driver from the race, but do not remove them from the server.
!eol  [message] Move driver backwards to end of pace line.
!clear [message] Clear all pending or active black flags, dq’s or eol’s for a driver.
/# Send driver priviate message
r From either the driving screen or the session screen responds to the last person who private messaged you.
/rc Sends a message to the admins of current event. (/rc is short for race control)
/all (admin only) Sends a chat message to all drivers even if chat is disabled.
Here is the download-able spreadsheet version [download id=”29″ format=”1″]

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