iRacing Voice Controlled Crew Chief

This is not a social media megaphoneTrevor Hunt and others have done some fantastic work lately on being able to use voice commands to control various aspects of iRacing.

The thread is here iRacing Voice Controlled Crew Chief

To Use the script do the following:

# Download and install GlovePIE 0.43:


# Setup speech recognition for your OS. See Below *.

# Set iRacing up to use the DEFAULT controls as if it were a NEW install. See Below **.

# Download the Crew Chief script below.

# Open the script in GlovePIE 0.43

# Setup your joystick button to be pressed in order to give commands (see documentation below).

NOTE:To run the script, click the “RUN” button in GlovePIE once you have the script open.

It took me a little bit of fiddling on my Vista 64 box to get things up and running. For instance you need the machine to listen to voice commands but you don’t need the service / application running that windows wants to keep starting.

You also need to remember to start GlovePIE and hit run before jumping into a session, it’s the simple things that often trip me up 🙂

I’ve been using this solution a lot lately, especially on the oval side and have to say I love it. It’s pretty easy to adjust the commands and not too hard to add/ change the existing key settings.

Let me know if you’re using it and what you think.