iRacing Williams Setup Guide

iRacing have outdone themselves with the FW31 Williams F1 car.

You can download the quick guide from this direct link: HERE ( Link)

Or a link to where it resides at HERE

I’m going to use this page for keeping notes, tricks and tips for driving and setting up this beast of a car.

If you have some things you’ve come across, drop a comment and share the love.



Update from Eric Hudec of iRacing

i.e. let’s say both front wheels are going over a bump and both sides of the suspension therefore start to compress the corner springs. Does the heave spring essentially counter the forces which are coming through the pushrod and being applied to the rockers? Therefore limiting the amount of travel in the suspension that would otherwise occur (and… as a corollary… limit the compression of the corner springs)??

Yes, exaclty. Actually, the way the heave spring works is as both wheels are jounced (traveled upwards) the heave spring is compressed. The interesting thing about it is the effective rate is doubled, as both sides are trying to compress the one spring. So this heave spring exerts twice the force on the suspension as it would if it were only a corner spring. The benefit here is you can gain wheel rate without the weight penalty of two springs of twice the rate (they would be heavier)!

And there’s no corner springs on the rear… so… let’s say the left rear is going over a bump. The left suspencion therefore starts to place a compression force on the heave spring? If the right rear is not fully extended, this would cause the force to be transferred through to the RR rocker and therefore push the right rear wheel downwards in the absence of the anti-roll bar?

Well, if there is no resistance at the RR then the heave spring will rotate at both rockers and no load is resisted, applying no stiffness. In pure roll the heave spring does nothing. If the car had no anti-roll bar it would flop over to one side. It couldn’t even hold itself up. Think of a bicycle if no one is riding it – it would just fall over. The heave spring only acts with vertical motion of both left AND right side deflection. If say in a particular corner the left front is compressed 1/8″ and the right front 3/8″, the heave spring would only see 1/4″ of deflection and the roll bar would take up the remaining 1/8″ from each side.

And the heave dampers will dampen the rates at which these various forces are applied (and counteracted)?



iRacing Ford Mustang FR500S Setup Guide

Feel free to drop a comment folks, let me know if you like the guide, what you’d like to see added or if you see something that doesn’t looks right.

I still use the Setup Tweak Guide a bunch, but there are things missing from it that are peculiar to road cars in general and the Ford Mustang FR500S in particular.

*Let me know what track you’d like me to do a baseline on and I’ll see what I can work up*

Ford Mustang FR500S adjustments.

The following information is taken from the Sachs Damper Guide for the real FR500s.

Basic Shock Tuning Suggestions

Front Rear
Comp Reb Comp Reb
Straightaway Bouncing – all damping levels are generally low. In

some cases the adjustments could be too firm if the car is overreacting to small inputs

+ + + +
Straight Line Braking – Front Lockup
Straight Line Braking – Rear Lockup +
Trail Braking – Slow Turn in Response + +
Trail Braking – Understeer +
Trail Braking – Oversteer +
Turn In (No Braking) – Understeer +
Turn In (No Braking) – Oversteer +
Steady State Turning – Understeer + +
Steady State Turning – Oversteer + +
Corner Exit – Understeer +
Corner Exit – Oversteer +
Straight Line Acceleration – Lack of Traction

* – Once the vehicle is steady-state (no pitch/roll) in a turn, damper movements are no longer influencing the behaviour.
These are basic, general guidelines on how to tune different issues with dampers. There are other items to tune that can also help with your optimal set- up in different areas. Tire Pressures, alignment settings, ride heights and sway bar adjustments can also address some of the same issues. Every track will be a series of compromises in different areas to get the fastest vehicle set-up for the racing conditions, remember weather and the time of day can also be variables.

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iRacing Williams F1

To say I’m looking forward to this one is an understatement. I even bought F1 2010 to get some F1 fixes in while waiting for the release.

If you’ve been under a rock for the last few days, the Williams is up for pre-sale and you can get it from