– Have at it boys

Ok, so it’s not really’s version of NASCAR’s have at it boys but it is a teaser video of the soon to be released, very much FREE (as in beer) street stock that’s coming soon.

The car was modeled off Dale Earnhardt Jr’s old street stock that he happened to have laying around. The car is to replace the Advanced Legends as the 2nd tier oval car and I’m very much looking forward to taking it for a spin.

See you on the track.

Shane – Lucious Spa Shots

I’m sure you have iRacing followed on Facebook right? Well if not you should as all sorts of interesting tid bits and movies slip out there before they hit the street.

The latest are some great shots of the upcoming track release Spa Francorchamps. I’m really looking forward to the release which, I’m told, is middle of next week. Just in time for Christmas.

Click the image to be taken to the facebook photo page or swing over to for more information.

See you on the track.


Jackie Stewart Driving Lesson

Pure gold from Youtube. Top Gear’s Captain Slow taught to drive by 3 time world F1 champion, Sir Jackie Stewart.

Well worth a few watches and taking notes. Will certainly help the way I approach racing.

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World’s Fastest Alien

There has been debate for years, (and likely will continue) about how beneficial Sim Racing is to Real racing. Does turning endless laps actually help you in a real race car.

I’m convinced that it does, up to a point. That point will differ depending on the person and the cars involved.

Greger Huttu is arguably the worlds best sim racer. For nearly a decade across mutiple simulations he’s proved to be at the top of the food chain. Considering he doesn’t have a drivers license and had never even been in a go-kart it stood to reason that he would be the best possible test of Sim skills in a real race car.

Top Gear magazine along with brought Greger from his home in Finland to Atlanta to test the theory. Click the image below to go watch the movie. It’s well worth it to see if the world’s fastest alien could cut it in a real race car.