Crew Chief do we need one?

I can see a day in the not too distant future, where iRacing will have the ability for a live crew chief.

In fact I have pinged them on this recently and look forward to hearing if/ when it’s in the road map.

I love racing and enjoying getting out there in iRacing and mixing it up with folks of my level, however I can see a day where guys at the upper levels have a guy like me sitting in spectator mode making the changes to the car and strategy. Motor sport is a team sport and the sooner we can get others in on it the better.

There are already some folks who have extra spotters on TeamSpeak helping them through races.

It would also be cool to have an AI version of a Crew Chief, where you could say “The Car is 5 tight in” and have it suggest changes, once you approve, go ahead and make them. While the second part of that isn’t available until it gets put into the API, I’m working on some things that may work for the first part.

Having a program tell you things to try is easy. What’s not easy is having a computer Crew Chief running while you’re in full screen in a race.

I’ve added a Crew Chief Corner forum to discuss the role and where it could end up.