Cruising to Pamploma

Managed to get a look at this today. Must be tough to be so well known. So, Tom, if you aren’t busy this weekend, would you like to come over for a spot of tea and a drive of a Red Bull F1 car? Oh sure why not. Thanks.


Yeah Baby!



Tony Stewart Seat Swap with iRacing

Fantastic behind the scenes look at how Tony Stewart prepared to drive Lewis Hamilton’s 2009 Mclaren F1 car.

Some small pieces were aired during the speed channel’s show, but there is a lot more here about how Tony worked with the sim and his thoughts.

It’s very true that simulations have come leaps and bounds from even just 5 years ago. It’s incredibly exciting to be a part of the iRacing community and to see where things are going.

Kick back and enjoy.






Codemasters F1 Online the Game

I’m not usually into management games, but this one could be a lot of fun. Codemasters have announced F1 Online: The Game.

It’s going to be a free-to-play browser based game where you can take control of a racing team, or create your own. Play against you mates like a fantasy football game or delve in deep to take control of the design aspects of the car and race tactics.

You have quite a wait as it doesn’t launch until Q1 2012.

Head over to the site where you can sign up for email notifications. I’m sure I’ll set up a game and maybe run with some of the folks from the forum here.

Let me know what you think of it.



News Source: Joystiq, Autoblog, Codemasters

Forza 4 partners with ALMS

I generally do my racing online with Saying that, I enjoy spending time with my kids and they’re a little young to play it yet. So to get them interested in racing and motorsport they have fun on the consoles we have littered around the place.

The latest batch of games coming out are really pushing the limits of the aging consoles, however they are looking pretty bloody good. As the physics systems get more sophisticated and the setup options greater, there may be room to get to tweaking.

The gap is closing and I don’t mind that one bit. I’ve never been a sim snob, as long as I can have fun and the car behaves somewhat like a real car should with under steer, over steer then I’m all good.

What the closing of the gaps has done is led to organizations and companies getting behind games. Lets face it. Games sell many many many times more copies than simulators.

The latest announcement is that the American Lemans Series or ALMS has partnered with Forza Motorsports 4. There seems to be some scuttlebutt going around that Porsche may not be licensed and not make it into the game which will be a great shame as they are such a large part of the ALMS scene. Still there is RUF and it worked ok for the Gran Tourismo series for a while.

I’ll be picking up this title and writing a little about it if the setups/ settings make a difference.






Ken Block Gymkhana 4

Ok, if you haven’t seen, heard of Ken Block’s Gymkhana video’s you must have been living under a rock. I’m sure I’ll get around to posting the others at some point, as they’re just good fun hoonage.

The latest one, they decided to really go over the top and do it at Universal Studios. While there, why not throw in a bunch of special effects and nods at some cool movies.

It’s about 9 minutes long, so grab a cup of joe and Enjoy!



iRacing Tournament Racing

For all those folks who like the idea of heat racing, under the lights on a Saturday night, iRacing 2.0 has something for you.

Tournament racing allows, hosted racing to do heat and main feature racing, whether in the same night or weeks apart.

Check it out



Awesome Sprint Car Video

Someone posted this over on the forums and I just had to share.

Some just fantastic footage of slow motion sprint cars from Indiana Sprint week.


iRacing Force Feedback in 2.0

Lots of talk around the place about the Force Feedback and feel changes since the last update. Thought I’d post the explanation here for folks who don’t hover on the forums.

Basically if you have the wheel jumping out of your hand or vibrating more than you like, up the damping setting under options. 75 is what it was prior to the update.




The recent iRacing 2.0 build included a new feature to let you adjust the damping level on your force feedback wheel. Damping introduces a stabilizing force, feeling a bit like stirring a spoon in honey. This value used to be hard coded to 75, but now you can change the damping level from 0 (off) to 100 (full on). Due to a small bug, the level was reset to 0 for most of you in this new build, which may make the cars feel different than you expect when driving. iRacing recommends that you run your force feedback with damping turned down to 25 or below, as that gives a more precise feel while driving. But if you would like to restore the feel of the force feedback to the way it was before this recent build, you should return the damping to the old default of 75. You can find the new damping adjustment by clicking on Options while at the main screen, then selecting the Controls tab.