rFactor 2 Grand Prix

Grand Prix racing in the 1960′s was a mixture of bravery that bordered on recklessness and, contrary to what many may say, innovative design and technology, far from primitive, which led Formula One to where it is today.

It was an era when the human eye, instead of a computer and a wind tunnel, designed a beautiful car. It was an era where spectators and drivers were only protected by bales of hay, which were often more likely to attribute to a fire than to save you in an impact.

Risks were taken and lives were lost, but the romance of the era still remains been the target of software developers, TV documentaries, and Hollywood movies. Many, including those of us at ISI, consider this space in time to be a golden age in the history of motorsport.



GPL Christmas

Thanks To Mitch Wing for posting this up on the iRacing forum. It’s been a few years since I’ve seen it. Enjoy!
It just isn’t the same anymore, with Usenet practically gone…
But here it is. The classic. for those of us that remember those days!

A GPL Christmas
by Joe Shaw

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas, And All Through The House,
Not A Creature Was Stirring, ‘Cept My PC Mouse.
I Was Surfing The Web, For Setup Advice,
For The Right Lotus Toe-In, I’d Cash In My Wife.

My Line Through The ‘Bolica, Was Awfully Poor,
My Top End Pathetic, With Throttle To Floor.
I’d Spent All My Earnings, I’d Made Every Deal,
For A P3 Four Fifty, And A Force Feedback Wheel.

When Out On The Lawn There Arose Such A Clatter,
I Sprang From My Desk To See What Was The Matter.
A Strobe Of White Light, Through The Window Did Flash,
It Looked To My Eye, Like A Giant Clock Smash.

I Threw Open The Sash, And What Should I See,
But A White Bearded Driver, In A Red Ferrari.

He Stomped On The Clutch, And Feathered The Gas,
Then Lifted His Goggles, I Could Tell He Was Fast.
He Pulled Down His Scarf, And Flashed Me A Smile,
And Tossed Me A CD, Labelled “Lo1 File”.

“Remember,” He Said, “The Ones With The Fame.”
And With Eyes To The Sky, He Called Out Their Names.

Now Jimmy, Now Graham, Now Denis, And Jochen,
McLaren, And Pedro, Ginther And Irwin.
“Enter Turns Slowly, And Exit With Speed,
And You’ll Get All You Can, From Your Trusty Green Steed.”

Then He Shifted To First, And Out Popped The Clutch.
“I’m Off To Zandvoort, And The Grand Prix That’s Dutch!”
He Peeled Out In First, With Wheelspin Galore,
Looking For Brabhams, That Still Had A Door.

And I Heard Him Exclaim, With Great Holiday Cheer,
“To All A Good Night, Have a GPL Year!”

Ford GT Setup Guide

From the release notes :

– The Ford GT is a tough car to get the handling balance right on. This is really based on the fact that it is a flat bottomed car, that’s forced to run a high ride hight. 55mm is the minimum ride height per the ACO Rulebook. Now with the front and rear at minimum, you’d lose a lot of front downforce, so you really want to have the car running close to 10mm of rake as a starting point with all setups. One thing to remember when driving and setting up this car is that to get front downforce (DF), you REALLY need to close up the distance between the splitter and the ground. With a min ride height of 55, the only way to do this is to get weight transfer from braking, whether it’s from lifting off the gas, or actively applying the brakes. Both will cause a downforce shift towards the front! HOWEVER, bottoming the splitter WILL cause the front DF to spike and then rebound will and cause all kinds of handling issues. Try to set the car up so that the splitter comes close to the ground, but doesn’t actually HIT the ground under braking. We have found a front bumpstop gap of 13-19mm works fairly well, though running stiffer springs, you may not need them that close.

– This is an AERO car first and foremost, so the low speed handling may be compromised by the choice of springs that will hold it up at high speed and high downforce settings! Depending on the nature of the circuit, you may want the car to trim itself out at high speed, so you’d run stiffer front springs, and softer rears. But if it’s a high downforce circuit, you may want to reverse that balance so you can get the nose down on the ground in the braking zones, to help move the aero balance forward so the car turns-in well. Using damper rebound to help hold the nose down may work, but can reduce suspension compiance. It’s a tough car to make work well, and will reward a patient driver with good speed and decent handling. Those that expect it to turn well without altering the aero balance may find it to drive like a truck!

V8 SuperCars Car of the future

Mark Skaife going over the changes being made to the V8 SuperCars and how it will affect the show.

Things are looking good for opening it up and allowing other manufacturers in and some great racing to come.