Project C.A.R.S Trailer DX11

Project C.A.R.S is trucking along and from the looks of the below trailer by project member HDTanel, with a little edited colour from Murray Walker, looks to be coming along nicely.

I don’t know how long I’ll be able to hold out on getting it. If you are playing it at the moment, let me know how you like it and how the setup building is coming along.




Shell Ferrari Ad

Ok so it’s not strictly racing related, but it’s bloody cool anyway.



rFactor 2 Tire Model

Watch the surface of the tire nearest the camera.

For the purpose of this first demonstration we have increased the effects by 100x so that you can see it within a single lap.

When the brakes are locked and a single area of the tire touches the track while the car continues to move, this grinds away the rubber from the surface of the tire and creates a flatter edge, this is called ‘flatspotting’. With rFactor 2 you will directly affect the surface of the tire, you will both see and feel (through force-feedback especially) how this changed the tire surface.

Recorded heat for the surface of the tire is visible in the video on the readout (within the black box) at the top-left of the screen.

Also visible at the end of the video is the associated tire wear from doing the equivalent of 100 laps at the slow-ish pace seen, and if you look very closely in the final frames one of our fully animated track workers can be spotted.





Watch the sides of the tire near where it contacts the track surface.

In this second video you can see a demo of the tire deformation. The tire will form itself to the track surface, kerbing or will catch the weight of the car upon landing and this is all visible in it’s shape adjustments.