Drive Club E3 Preview

The attention to detail these guys are putting into Drive Club is insane.

As a die hard car guy, I can’t help but be impressed that the lead art director rejected a car because the screw heads were wrong on the floor mats.

I’m loving the idea of the social aspect of the game. Race with or against your mates, form a club and race against clubs all over the world.

This Drive Club E3 Preview doesn’t go too much into the social aspects of the game, I’ll have a dig for that interview but it does show some of the amazing level of detail in the car models.

Now for the gratuitous lasciviousness of the E3 Preview video.


Here is a more in depth look going more into the social bits and bobs.


Oculus Rift in iRacing

I’m very impatiently waiting on my Oculus Rift Development kit to turn up. I am so convinced that this is the future of gaming that I have dismantled my triple screen setup.

The guys at CXC Simulations seem to have got it up and running in iRacing already, most likely with the help of the veiro drivers or similar.

I know the team at iRacing have a couple of dev kits on order so we’ll have native support eventually. Of course most likely it will have to wait for the consumer version to come out as the Dev Kit is relatively low resolution at 720p.

I’m working on a few game concepts and have breathed life back into my old blog to showcase some of the demo’s and proofs of concept I’m working on.