Site updates 2014

G’day Folks,

A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes lately. I’ve just uploaded the latest version of the Busta Wrench Guide, and have been working on the site layout.

There was a lot of good feedback on the last update with the darker colors. I thought the theme was a little restrictive and wanted to use more of the screen. Most of us have big or at least wide screen monitors and there was a lot of wasted space.

I’m moving to more of a community feel and if you want to contribute and participate, that would awesome. The more feedback we get on setups, tools, site etc the better resource this site will be for the Sim Racing Community.

I’m really excited about this year, with the Ruf releases for iRacing they’ve really stepped up and those cars are a blast to drive. DriveClub is due to drop sometime mid year for the PS4 and that is something I’m looking forward to, especially looking forward to having a few folks playing together for giggles.

I’ve finally got hold of Gran Tourismo 6 and that’s been a blast too.

This year we should also see RFactor 2 go more prime time and the release of Project Cars all really good stuff.

Drop a comment and let us know what you’re looking forward to. I’ve reopened site sign-up and you can log in using Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

Cheers and have fun out there.

Shane Lowry

Busta Wrench


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