5 Awesome Race Tracks

There are race tracks around the world that hold famous and coveted races: 24 heurs du Mans, Daytona 500, Indianapolis 500, Monaco Grand Prix to name some of the more well known. But what makes an awesome race track?

There are tracks that are called┬ádriver’s tracks, where the driver can make a difference over having an inferior car and still compete with a chance at a win.

For me an awesome track will have a flow, a Rhythm that you can pick up on. It has place where passing is possible without dive bombs. It will also usually have fast corners or sections where you need to nut up to go fast.

Here are some of my favourites.

5. Chicagoland

Bumpy and flatter than a lot of the other cookie cutter ovals, Chicagoland offers speed to a driver who can hang on and steer with the throttle over the bumps without burning off the Right Rear tire.

4. Michigan

Really wide and fast with variable banking down low that can upset the car.

3. Watkins Glen

2. Gilles Villenue Montreal

I’ve always loved the flow of this track even with the huge number of chicanes.

1. Mount Paranama Bathurst

I’m an Aussie and grew up watching the Bathurst 1000 every year. Large portions of the Mountain are driven with your breath held and it’s a razer thin line between fast and wrecked.

What are some of yours?