Forza 4 partners with ALMS

I generally do my racing online with Saying that, I enjoy spending time with my kids and they’re a little young to play it yet. So to get them interested in racing and motorsport they have fun on the consoles we have littered around the place.

The latest batch of games coming out are really pushing the limits of the aging consoles, however they are looking pretty bloody good. As the physics systems get more sophisticated and the setup options greater, there may be room to get to tweaking.

The gap is closing and I don’t mind that one bit. I’ve never been a sim snob, as long as I can have fun and the car behaves somewhat like a real car should with under steer, over steer then I’m all good.

What the closing of the gaps has done is led to organizations and companies getting behind games. Lets face it. Games sell many many many times more copies than simulators.

The latest announcement is that the American Lemans Series or ALMS has partnered with Forza Motorsports 4. There seems to be some scuttlebutt going around that Porsche may not be licensed and not make it into the game which will be a great shame as they are such a large part of the ALMS scene. Still there is RUF and it worked ok for the Gran Tourismo series for a while.

I’ll be picking up this title and writing a little about it if the setups/ settings make a difference.