5 Awesome Race Tracks

There are race tracks around the world that hold famous and coveted races: 24 heurs du Mans, Daytona 500, Indianapolis 500, Monaco Grand Prix to name some of the more well known. But what makes an awesome race track?

There are tracks that are called driver’s tracks, where the driver can make a difference over having an inferior car and still compete with a chance at a win.

For me an awesome track will have a flow, a Rhythm that you can pick up on. It has place where passing is possible without dive bombs. It will also usually have fast corners or sections where you need to nut up to go fast.

Here are some of my favourites.

5. Chicagoland

Bumpy and flatter than a lot of the other cookie cutter ovals, Chicagoland offers speed to a driver who can hang on and steer with the throttle over the bumps without burning off the Right Rear tire.

4. Michigan

Really wide and fast with variable banking down low that can upset the car.

3. Watkins Glen

2. Gilles Villenue Montreal

I’ve always loved the flow of this track even with the huge number of chicanes.

1. Mount Paranama Bathurst

I’m an Aussie and grew up watching the Bathurst 1000 every year. Large portions of the Mountain are driven with your breath held and it’s a razer thin line between fast and wrecked.

What are some of yours?

iRacing Lotus 49 Indianapolis Fun

iRacing has released the long awaited Lotus 49.

It’s been awaiting an update to the tire model, now known as NTMv5 and is a tricky beast to drive.

Low weight, high power, no wings and hard tires make for a fun and nerve wracking ride.

One of the members was kind enough to do some hosting at Indianapolis and was running 2 lap shoot outs.

I managed to snag a couple of victories … enjoy.


Oculus Rift in iRacing

I’m very impatiently waiting on my Oculus Rift Development kit to turn up. I am so convinced that this is the future of gaming that I have dismantled my triple screen setup.

The guys at CXC Simulations seem to have got it up and running in iRacing already, most likely with the help of the veiro drivers or similar.

I know the team at iRacing have a couple of dev kits on order so we’ll have native support eventually. Of course most likely it will have to wait for the consumer version to come out as the Dev Kit is relatively low resolution at 720p.

I’m working on a few game concepts and have breathed life back into my old blog to showcase some of the demo’s and proofs of concept I’m working on.




iRacing New Sounds

It started with a fellow Aussie, working with V8 Supercars and iRacing, the result was simply stunning and had more than one person saying it was a sample taken from a real race and over laid on an iRacing replay video.

The next car to get the treatment was the new Gen 6 Nascar.

iRacing is continuing to push out the updates to the remaining cars. The best part of the video? for me it’s the Lotus 49 as it means that in addition to the new sounds, the v5 NTM is ready, which will bring additional flex and life to all cars fitted with the new model.

Hit the jump to enjoy, turn those speakers up.



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iRacing Bathurst Scans

Couple of development point clouds for iRacing’s laser scanned Bathurst have popped up.

Really looking forward to racing at the track I grew up watching on TV in Australia.

Bring it on!

73408_10151483413346085_906660613_n 307405_10151483413366085_1331960673_n

Latest iRacing Setups

Hot & Tasty Setups

I try to do a few  setups every week and they can be spread across the different cars.

This page has the latest setups uploaded to the site.

Below are the latest iRacing setups to be uploaded to Busta Wrench. The link to hit up all setups by car is below and we’re always happy to receive feedback on making things better for you.

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See the link below if you can’t see one you’re looking for.


Looking for more? Hit up the iRacing Setup Page


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iRacing Truck Setup Guide


The default iRacing oval setups tend to be reasonable with a little too much push (understeer) for my taste, especially the fixed setups. This is so that most drivers can get in and get around the track without wrecking at every turn and causing a wreckfest.

Over the last few seasons there have been some great setups posted in the forums, some can be a little on the sketchy side. I like to have a comfortable truck that will stay under me for the long run.

This guide is an attempt to outline how to adjust the car and what makes a fast setup. This is a community effort and I’ll post updates as folks chime in.

I still use the Busta Wrench Setup Tweak Guide a bunch, especially for the oval cars.

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Travis Pastrana iRacing Special

Great insight into how Travis Pastrana got into cars and NASCAR.

Also great points on how setup matters … who would have thought that ?




iRacing League Functionality

This is an overview of iRacing’s upcoming League Functionality.

Looks good to me and is yet another highlight in just how far we’ve come in the last 2 years.

The future is so bright we gotta wear shades.


iRacingTV Episode 13

iRacingTV has finally aired episode 13 and it has some great stuff in it.

As well as an update on the soon to be released tracks and cars that are in the works, there’s an excellent new section called Garage Talk.

The first episode is a primer on setups by Jason Lofing, it covers the basics and had some great points to it.

Check it out below.