Raceroom Racing Experience

Mclaren-MP4-12C-GT3Raceroom Racing Experience by Simbin has recently popped up as available to kick the tires on Steam.

Being the racing enthusiast that I am, I had to give it a shot.

There’s a lot to like and I think a few of it’s features, borrowed from other titles will prove to be a lot of fun, and dare I say it, addicting.

The basic premise is you get to check it out for free, with a small selection of cars, tracks and race modes. For a fairly small outlay of real money you can get rVP’s that you can exchange for cars and tracks.

Some of the pay content includes such desirables as the Mclaren MP4 12c and Bathurst.

… More to come.

If you are in the game you can add friends and challenge them to apex time trials. Fee free to add me Shane Lowry and hit me up for a challenge.