There was a lot going on this week in Charlotte, NC for the NASCAR All-Star event.

One of the things that slipped through was an announcement from NASCAR and iRacing that there would be a sanctioned simulator division for 2010. Very cool in my opinion.

I’ve been racing online for over a decade now and iRacing is by far the most realistic simulator so far. My wife doesn’t understand my obsession with racing online and thinks I should take up a hobby that doesn’t stress me so much.

My thoughts are that when the racing is good and you have a good result that far out weighs the races where something happens and you end up frustrated. It’s a lot like racing for real. Take care of your gear, exercise a lot of patience and you can be quite successful.

AutoWeek Article

Want to try out iRacing and help me out at the same time?

Head over to and sign up for between 1 and 12 months, enter my email address as the referrer and they’ll shower me with presents. Well maybe a hat if I’m lucky. (shane DOT lowry AT orangesands DOT com)

If you sign up now and start learning how it all works, by the time NASCAR events roll around in 2010 you could be on the track with the likes of Dale Earnhardt Jr, Marcos Ambrose, Bobby Labonte and of course me.

Get out on the track and have some fun.